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Posted on 07 September 2014

Lighting plays such an integral part within interior design and the home, yet it is one of the areas that many people overlook. During the day, a lighting feature acts as a sculpture, a work of art or an accessory to a room that can help define that room’s style. At night the lighting feature not only lights the room so that you can see, it sets the mood, it highlights features and can transform the look of a space with the flick of a switch. I think of lighting as the shoes to an outfit. You could spend a huge amount of money on a beautiful outfit but without the shoes to finish it off, the outfit will never look complete. You need the perfect lighting to finish off the design of a room. With this in mind, I want to share with you a beautiful brand that I have admired and followed for the past few years. Villaverde is an outstanding lighting brand that produces high luxury contemporary lighting features. Hand made in Italy, this brand has created some of the most elegant and beautiful light fixtures to match any style or function for your home. With such a huge and inspiring collection to choose from, I wanted to select a few key pieces and favourites that Villaverde currently has to offer.

Luxury Wooden Chandelier

Villeneuve - No.10614

My first choice is the elegant Villeneuve chandelier. What I found fascinating about the design is that it has been created out of wood. Whilst this is not an unfamiliar material for a chandelier to be created from, we live in a time where the majority of light fittings are made out of glass, metal or plastic. To use such a beautiful and traditional material really sets this chandelier apart from the rest. Villeneuve is available in a range of different colours, however I feel that the light wood against a light lampshade creates such a soft and pure look that would suit a dining room perfectly.

chrome modern chandelier with black shades
Jules - No.11033

My favorite feature of the Jules chandelier is the slender shape that it takes on. Detailing focuses around the centre of the fitting, which allows the smoothness of the branches define its distinctive curve and shape. Whilst the light is contemporary, it is easy to see the traditional inspiration, making it suitable for all types of properties and styles. I feel that this fixture would look brilliant in a slender / smaller room to amplify its shape, such as a hallway or corridor to greet and impress guests on their arrival.

glassand chrome chandelier

Lloyd - No. 11010

My favorite item in the whole collection, the Lloyd chandelier uses glass to create something truly remarkable. Whilst the light is large in size, it does not appear dominating in a room as the transparency allows it to merge with its surroundings. It is only upon closer viewing that you really see the beauty of this item. The glass allows you to see the wiring from the lights and other details that you would not necessarily see from a traditional style chandelier. Using metal in contrast to the glass, the finished result is that more of a sculpture than a lighting feature. This light would look perfect in so many rooms of the house that it would be hard to recommend just one.

Metal chandelier with red shades

Ischia - No. 11028

I selected the Ischia chandelier to show the diversity in design within Villaverde. Ischia is an incredibly striking fixture, impossible to look at it without admiring the detail that has gone into its design. The use of metal to create the main fixture and its leaves should make the light appear harsh and dominating however, the addition of the smooth red light shades mellows this creating something outstandingly beautiful. This is an example where lighting crosses boundaries into artwork. I feel that this piece would suit larger rooms such as a dining room due to its detail and style. It needs to be placed where people can sit and view it.

glass and brass table lamp

Lloyd - No. 11004

To accompany the Lloyd chandelier, I have selected the Lloyd table lamp as my final key item. The lamp continues the use of glass throughout the range. The glass gives the lamp its elegant shape but the metal tube encasing the wiring within the centre of the lamp gives the light its slender presence. Another observation that I have made with this particular range is how different they can look with the addition of the light shade. As the light is largely transparent with fine detailing, the light shade becomes a solid feature to the fitting, allowing you to change the colour of the shade, transforming the entire look of the light. There are so many fantastic products to chose from Villaverde collections that it would be impossible to mention them all within this blog. The company does not just sell chandeliers and table lamps as featured, but also light shades, wall lights, floor lamps, lanterns and mirrors. I would strongly recommend taking a look at the full collection on the Villaverde website using the attached link. With such exciting and fresh designs, I look forward to seeing what this company has to offer in the future as I know that they will never fail to impress.

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