The Industrial Table Lamp

Martyn White

Posted on August 24 2015

Industrial styling and design has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Its strong and defined lines, sharp connections and bold finishes make it a style that works incredibly well in a huge range of spaces, large and small. The best thing about this look is just how easy it is to incorporate it into a living space. Simple and effective ways to introduce the style into a space is with the use of accessories and lighting. I recently discovered this Jean-Louis Domecq "Jieldé" style desk lamp from Iconic Lights that is a perfect example of industrial design at its best.

Black Jean-Louis Domecq style table lamp

Black and white industrial style lamp jielde style

Jieldé lamps have become industrial icons, inspired from the lamps used in the industrial revolution. The design is simple yet characterful with small detailing such as the adjustable butterfly screws and metal shade ring reaffirming its industrial heritage. Lighting such as this can be incorporated into a space easily with other accessories such as clocks, vases and candle holders to recreate the iconic look. As with any characterful items, I always recommend not grouping too many items together as it can create less of a feature and sometimes overpower a room. Many of the popular industrial items are created in simple tones, metallics and finishes, making it incredibly easy to pair with other colours and accessories in your home. It is a style that is easily changeable and one that you can add to and expand as you discover more.

To view more products from the Iconic Lights range, click HERE to go directly to the website.

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