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Martyn White

Posted on January 02 2015

After recently attending a fantastic event at LINLEY, I got to discover and interact with some of the brand's outstanding pieces of work, whilst learning the processes of design and creativity from the designers themselves. Whilst each and every item contains a remarkable story and design, there was one item in particular that I fell in love with from the moment I set eyes on it and just had to share this remarkable item.

David LINLEY Silhouette Chair Copper Detailing

The Silhouette chair is perfection in design. Everything relating to this chair, from the materials selected to the processes carried out in it's construction are of the highest quality. It is not only the look of this piece that is overwhelmingly beautiful but it's construction, the intense craftsmanship behind each element that revels the true beauty of this chair.

LINLEY Silhouette chair leather detailing

The main body of the chair is a flawless, singular piece of copper, that has gone through an intense production method of being rolled and hammered by hand, a similar processes of that undertaken by coachbuilders in the restoration of classic cars. This process creates a seamless and seductive shape that defines the main body of the chair to create a product so effortless in beauty.

LINLEY Silhouette chair copper detailing

Finished in a beautiful aniline leather, this allows for the natural beauty and texture of the leather to remain exposed and contribute to the design and finish of the chair. The leather is wrapped over the edges of the chair which helps to accentuate the curvature and fine lines of the chair whilst keeping the copper exposed beneath, creating an incredibly unique and captivating look.

LINLEY Silhouette chair drawing designs

I wanted to include some of the sketches from the initial designing of this chair. It is extremely fascinating to see such a product created from the very start and helps us understand it's journey and the long processes that are endured to create an item that will not only be enjoyed as a chair, but a work of art. It is so easy to see a final product in all of it's glory but, from my experience with the LINLEY brand, the creation and story of the product are just as important if not more,which gives me such admiration for the brand. I want to thank LINLEY and everyone involved for hosting such a fantastic and informative evening. It was great to discover the journey of design which has helped create some iconic products.

Click the link to discover more about the Silhouette Chair or to discover more products on the LINLEY website.

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