Lane: The Beam Table Lamp

Martyn White

Posted on November 04 2015

It was back in May that I featured Lane's incredibly popular Twin Tone Lampshade. What I loved about the design is the simplicity of its form but the vibrancy from its presence. Since then the Twin Tone lampshade has gone on to become a huge success story, adding colour to people's living spaces and literally lighting up their lives! 

Lane Beam Table Lamp in Black

Continuing on from this success, Lane have now released their next iconic design, the Beam table lamp. The abstract design of the lamp is made up from thirty two card fins. Embracing British craftsmanship, the paper used to create the card fins has been sourced from one of the UK's oldest paper mills, located in Cumbria. 

Lane Beam Table Lamp in Blue and Sorbet Yellow

I think it is fantastic that a brand such as Lane is supporting British craftsmanship. As a country, the UK has so much to offer in craft, design and tradition. It is great to see these businesses and crafts continuing into modern luxury products that we use today. 

“We want to make beautiful products that are an investment in the craftspeople and communities around us. In a world of cheap imports, we think this is the future of British design.” - Oliver Wood - Lane Creative Director.

Lane Beam Table Lamp in Pale Grey and China White

The lamps have a very playful presence, allowing the light to peek through the fins, creating a glowing effect whilst also adding beautiful colour and character to a space through the form of the lamp itself. Beam is currently available in four variations, three of which combine two colours to create a stunning gradient effect. 

Beam Table Lamp in Smoke Grey and Factory Yellow from Lane

Featured above, the colour models that Beam is currently available in are: Pale Grey & China White, Tabriz Blue & Sorbet Yellow, Smoke Grey & Factory Yellow and finally a solid Black variation. 

With another fantastic design added to the Lane portfolio, I am incredibly excited to see where the brand takes us next. If you would like to discover more from the Lane range, click HERE to view their website and online store. 

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