Habitat SS16 Furniture Collection

Martyn White

Posted on January 11 2016

We may be experiencing one of the mildest Winters on record but the release of the Habitat Spring Summer 2016 home collection is sure to turn the heat up even more, giving us a taste of the exotic. The collection consists of vibrant Summer tones, captivating prints and hand crafted designs. In celebration of British design and contemporary global craft, we take a look at the new season collection.

Habitat SS16 furniture collectionHabitat furniture designs 2016

"Rattan Reworked"

Something quite apparent when you first view the collection is the use of rattan in some of the key furniture designs. This incredibly flexible and natural material has helped create striking sculptural designs, dramatically oversized to add character and illustrate just how beautiful this material is. 

Habitat Spring Summer 2016 furniture collection SS16 Dining furniture


An incredibly popular style this will be around for a long time to come. This dining space above is one of my favourite images from the collection. Keeping tones to a minimum whilst injecting one vibrant colour really does create such an incredible and striking look. There is a beautiful play with materials including the introduction of concrete, metallics and lacquers whilst experimenting with different forms and shapes of metals. 

Habitat rattan furniture designs 2016Habitat SS16 collection preview

"Shearling & Leather"

Making its transition from the catwalk to the home, shearling has been an incredibly popular look in fashion dominating designs throughout 2015. Applying this style and material to upholstered pieces in the collection has created a soft, welcoming and natural finish, a perfect design for a living space.

Habitat SS16 natural wood dining furniture

"Hand of the Maker"

Something I particularly love about the collection are the beautiful hand crafted ceramic accessories. The soft shapes, imperfections and colour washes create objects of unique character, ones that are much more personal than the readily available machine made designs we are used to seeing in the shops. 

Habitat Ceramic vasesHabitat New Season collection ceramic vases and home accessories

"Luxury Textiles"

The designers have worked with suppliers in the Varanasi region of India to produce some incredible and luxurious textile designs. Each rug has been hand knotted or woven in a range of materials from wool, hemp and jute, taking days to complete a single design. It is not only the pattern that stands out in these designs, it is the noticeable quality of material and construction technique that is prominent too. 

Habitat crockery and cutlery sets new season collection SS16

I have never been so impressed with an entire collection of products. Habitat have not only created  incredible and unique designs, they have experimented with materials and patterns and craftsmanship in such an exciting way. It is such a relief to see that there are large companies that are willing to take incredible design risks and see them pay off. These are individual pieces of furniture that you can immerse yourself in, discover the craftsmanship and enjoy the quality. 

To view the Habitat collection, click HERE to be taken to the official website and online store.

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