Richard Brendon: Redefining a Classic

Posted on 25 January 2016

It gives me great pride when I discover an incredible British designer. We live in such an international world of design with inspirational products being designed and developed across the globe, from all backgrounds and cultures. We are lucky enough to have so much choice, but it makes it that little bit more special when you discover a product influenced by the surroundings, traditions and culture that you live in. I want to share with you some of my favourite collections from a designer that has redefined  traditional teaware and crockery into contemporary works of art.


Richard Brendon Diamond glassware. Crystal decanter and diamond patterned glasses

Diamond is a new collection that has been introduced to the brand. It is the first collection of barware items designed by Brendon that also introduces the new material of crystal into his designs. One of my favourite things about this collection is is the contemporary spin on a classic design that we see on traditional barware sets. The diamond cut shape has been elegantly simplified and applied only  to the lower half of each product. This hand cut pattern captures and reflects the light beautifully adding  dynamic characteristics that change during its use.

Richard Brendon Diamond glassware and ice bucket

Featured image: The Diamond Ice Bucket with hand cut crystal detailing.



Richard Brendon Arc crockery, gold and black arc print plates

Art Deco is one of my favourite design eras of all time. The era is famed for highly influential prints, shapes and styles that still emit luxury and glamor to this day. Entirely hand painted with a prominent black and gold arc, these Art Deco inspired, British bone china crockery designs are the perfect way to add a sophisticated art deco charm to your dining table. These designs really do prove that less is more and when it comes to the Art Deco era, it never left style.

Richard Brendon Arc Mug, black gold and white mug design

Featured image: Arc Mug with bold asymmetrical design in matte black and brushed gold.



Richard Brendon Reflect cup and saucer designs

Reflect is my favourite collection from Richard Brendon. I love the relationship created between traditional and new. The concept centres around reusing antique saucers that are missing their original cups. With beautiful and intricate traditional designs, each saucer is coupled with a new highly reflective cup create day using platinum or gold gilding. This gold or platinum surface reflects the intricate and elegant designs of the saucer, replicating the lost tea cup and creating the relationship once again.

Richard Brendon Reflect teaware designs

Featured image: Reflect Platinum teacup with Thomas Forrester & Sons 1940 saucer.


Richard Brendon Meets Patternity 

Richard Brendon meets Patternity, blue and white striped crockery and teaware sets


The most striking collection from the brand is "Richard Brendon meets Patternity" Collaborating with Patternity to completely transform the way that we look at British bone china by creating a collection of impressive and slightly hypnotic striped patterns. I love the beautiful detailing and incorporation of the striped patterns onto the rims of the bowls and jug whilst also continuing the design onto the bottom of the tea cups. It is this additional and playful detailing that sets these designs apart from the rest, creating something truly iconic.

Richard Brendon meets patternity blue and white striped teacup and saucer

Featured image: Patternity Teacup and Saucer with cobalt blue striped pattern detailing.


Details from Willow

Richard Brendon Details from Willow crockery, cups and saucers

Adding a contemporary spin onto a classic 18th century design, Brendon has taken the very best details from the traditional Willow pattern and applied them with a 21st century spin. This is such a beautiful concept that allows you to focus and appreciate the traditional Willow design and technique. Using a small section of a larger complex design allows you to see detailing that would be less noticeable in its original presentation. 

Richard Brendon Details of Willow cup and saucer

Featured image: Teacup and Saucer gold with cobalt blue Willow detailing. 


Discovering Richard Brendon's designs has given me such a different perspective on traditional teaware and crockery design. Each collection has such an incredible concept that pushes the boundaries on what is already an iconic design. Brendon has managed to capture the finesse behind the original design but bring it into the modern day with such grace. An incredibly talented designer worthy of redefining a classic. 

To view the full collection of designs and to find out more about Richard Brendon, click HERE to visit the official website and online store.

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  • robin maheu: January 28, 2016

    For someone to have the gift of creating such wonderful pieces, and then for us to be able to view them is another gift.

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