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Martyn White

Posted on February 01 2016

I was introduced to Bert & May at Decorex London in 2015. I was lucky enough to be given a tour around one of their incredible two bedroom big box designs and I can honestly admit, I had never seen anything like it before. Like many, my opinions on prefabricated homes was that there could be quite a few constraints and it wouldn't feel like living in a "real" home. Once I had finished the tour, my opinion was "Why would you want to live in a real home when you can live in one of these!?" 

Bert and May 2 bedroom big box, prefabricated luxury living space

What I found most surprising about the design was just how much space you have to live in. Larger than most London flats that I have experienced, you have two bedrooms, a large washroom and open plan living area. With large floor to ceiling windows and doors on all sides, there is such a stunning connection to the outside which is perfect for Summer days and really does remove the boundaries and confinement of traditional walls. Take a look at the 360 degree tour below to have a look inside!

360 Tour!

Bert & May Big Box 2 bedroom luxury home

As Bert & May proudly state, it is the quality of materials used that set these designs apart from everything else that has been created. Everything feels solid, high quality with flawless finishes. The steps in purchasing and construction make it incredibly easy to make the space your own from the very start, allowing you to select the cladding, flooring, kitchen and paints from an extensive selection. 

Bert & May prefabricated luxury homes living spaceBert & May Luxury box homes kitchen space

Every detail of design has been thoroughly planned. Continuing with the tour, features were being pointed out that were barely noticeable visually but had a huge presence to the space. features such as invisible ceiling speakers throughout the rooms, Nest learning thermostats that intelligently monitor usage and presence within the structure and even lighting that can be controlled from your iPad. Luxury in every sense of the word. 

two-bedroom, innovative and stylish modular living space Bert & May

With such incredible planning and detailing, I was not surprised to find out just how important the environment was to Bert & May in the planning, construction and usage of the Big Box. Everything from eco friendly insulation to green planted roofs have been designed with the environment and comfort at heart. Working with Eco specialist consultants, additional renewable packages are available such as solar panelling that can provide up to half of the Boxes' electricity and hot water consumption.

Luxury modular living space from Bert & May washroom

My favourite space in the box was the master bedroom. As soon as I walked in you could feel how relaxed and tranquil the space was. With floor to ceiling windows on two of the three external walls, you can sit or lay down on the bed and take in the natural surroundings. The sunlight flooding in and the open doors in this room was a true example of just how important it is to have that connection with nature, one that Bert & May have embraced throughout. 

Luxury mobile prefabricated homes from Bert & May Bert & May Spaces 3 bedroom bit box bedroom image

It is safe to say that Bert & May have completely redefined prefab living. Looking further than the usual "ease of construction", the designers have seized the opportunity to create something inspirational and revolutionary. Not only does it show that you can live luxury in Bert's Box, it makes you want to live luxury in Bert's Box! Whilst I frantically look around for a garden to put one of these in, I very much look forward to seeing this incredible company expand and develop even more inspirational designs!

To find out more about Bert & May and to discover Bert's Box packages, click HERE to visit the official website. 

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  • Evelyn: November 09, 2016

    Just want some garden space to put it in :)

  • Lauri: February 05, 2016

    Very thoughtfully designed and executed. Would be stunning and ideal in a private, pastoral setting!

  • Van Anh: February 03, 2016

    What a great post! Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Decorex last year, but I saw some pictures of the Bert’s Box and loved it.
    But how fantastic is the 360degree tour, such an amazing space to live in. They’ve done a marvellous job with this.

  • Jack: February 02, 2016

    Wow! What a fantastic design! I want one of these for myself! Thanks for sharing!

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