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Martyn White

Posted on February 09 2016

A recent design discovery of mine was DUBOKK, a Copenhagen based creative studio that "designs furniture, objects and everything in between" What caught my eye was the simplicity of the design, each product appears to use two main materials which allows the eye to focus on the clean lines, simple forms and the beauty of the materials used. 


DUBOKK Stem Vase

Stem tall vase with stand designed by Dubokk

Dubokk Stem Vase, glass vase with tall stand

Stem is a beautiful minimalist vase design that  exploits the true beauty of the plant in an almost sculptural way. The design appears to almost stand aside, allowing full focus to remain on the length of the stem up into the leaf. With two small connecting points between the plant and the vase itself, there is a scientific reference to the way that the plant is being held and displayed which gives this vase incredible character. The stand itself is available in a variety of powder coated colours and in chrome and brass, featured in the images above. 


DUBOKK Tints metal and glass end table

Metal and glass end table called Tints designed by Dubokk

Tints metal and glass table designed by Dubokk

Tints is a beautiful play on materials, exhibiting how each finish works and interacts with another. The side table has been constructed from square aluminium tubes, softened in appearance by adding curvature to the bottom of the legs and on the tray below. The main focus of the design is the perception of objects on tinted surfaces, the top sheet of glass on the table being clear and the lower sheet of class tinted in colour. My favorite part of the design is its interaction with light. When a table lamp or sun light is involved, the sheets of glass can manipulate light, adding colour in some cases, creating fascinating shapes around and through the object. 


DUBOKK Monuments marble magazine rack

Monuments marble magazine rack Dubokk designs

Black marble magazine rack, Monuments, Dubokk design

Monuments, in the name has a very architectural presence in a room. magazine racks and book holders are usually over looked in a space, a small piece of furniture that can be designed to hide away its content. Monuments works in a very different way, using the supported literature to become part of the overall design. The sharp and sleek design consists of two marble feet, cut into at an angle with a metal L shape sheet to hold your favorite books and magazines. Monuments is soon personalised with the colours from your favorite literature adding a unique and characterful presence to a space.


DUBOKK Oblique arm chair

Oblique Arm chair Dubokk designs

Upholstered metal arm chair, oblique from Dubokk designs

The clean lines and simple form of the Oblique arm chair. Named after the defining oblique shape of its arm,  the design is "an attempt to morph classic design principles with our own design characteristics" My favorite part of the design is the cantilevered style arms that attach to the legs with a simple wrap of fabric. 

Made up of designers Aleksandar Lazic and Bjarti Á Steig, DUBOKK have created items that have a different level of interaction and use than most. Not only is it about creating a singular product of beauty, it is about how the object interacts with surrounding life, how its use can be just as beautiful as the design itself. I cannot wait to see what this incredible studio has to offer in the near future! 

To view the DUBOKK website and discover more about the studio, click HERE to be taken to the DUBOKK official website. 

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  • Josh P: February 09, 2016

    Fantastic designs! I really love the Stem vase! I would love to have one of these myself!

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