Mason Studio: Cabin Residence

Posted on 26 July 2016

Located in Toronto, Canada, the Cabin Residence has been inspired by vernacular Northern Ontario cottages. Mason Studio have created a model suite that exploits the beauty of natural, locally sourced materials, whilst utilising the limited space available. The finished design is a beautiful open plan apartment with a luxurious and calming visual identity. With this impressive style and attention to detail, I wanted to take a closer look at this space to see why it works so well. 

Scandinavian inspired small luxury home from Mason Studioscaffolding style display shelves and book case

Whilst the property is quite narrow, the main living area is entirely open plan. From the living space at the front through to the dining, breakfast bar and kitchen at the back, there are no visual obstructions. This unobstructed view maximises the feel of capacity within the room. When a property is limited for space such as this one, you may question the use of double height ceilings, which could easily have been split into a second storey. 

Scandinavian cabin residence in Toronto with feature beamed ceiling Modern Scandinavian apartment design in Toronto

Mason Studio have prioritised quality over quantity. Designing the living quarters to be contained within a double height room allows for a huge amount of natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and roomy atmosphere which has been embraced by the interior design style itself. The central supporting beam not only acts as an incredible focal point, it accentuates the height of the room by directing the eyes upwards into a light and open space. 

Scandinavian kitchen design for a small spaceLuxury Scandinavian kitchen design by Mason StudioCompact Scandinavian kitchen design

A large selection of textures, materials and surfaces have been used within the design, each adding a unique quality and natural characteristic. In the main living area, light and natural wood has been used for the flooring, whilst a range of dark woods create a beautiful contrast in key furniture pieces such as the dining chairs, sideboard and shelving. A circular slab of green marble has been used to centralise the dining table, whilst light grey variations have been used on the kitchen and bathroom walls, connecting the three spaces, adding a perfect balance of material.

Scandinavian washroom design with curved edge black mirrorScandinavian arm chair with stool and scaffolding shelving unitscandinavian bathroom design with matt black features and white marble wall

Wood is a prominent feature in the kitchen as the natural grain extends from the floor of the living quarters onto the surrounding walls and ceiling. The breakfast bar and select kitchen cupboards use a finer white wood whilst the larger back wall cupboards contrast with a black finish to add depth. The diversity of wooden surfaces has also been echoed in the washroom, used to create a feature wall behind the wash basin and toilet. The connection of materials between rooms creates a natural flow and journey throughout the residence. Whilst the collection of materials are varied, they work together harmoniously, creating an alluring design, significant to the area and cultural style.

It is incredibly inspiring to see an interior design that embraces local materials and creativity. Every surface, accessory and art piece within the Cabin Residence tells its own story of inspiration and craftsmanship associated with Canada. Mason have designed an interior that not only has depth and meaning, they have demonstrated the importance of incorporating locally sourced materials and products into a home. 

Photographs by Scott Norsworthy, courtesy of Mason Studio

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  • Katherine - January 04, 2017

    Love the combination of all the wood together with the natural light, it creates such a clean, light and airy space. Thank you for sharing!

  • Martyn White: January 02, 2017

    Hello Kira!

    It is a gorgeous mirror, I contacted the designers a while ago to find out where it was from but as I expected, it is sadly a custom design, though many companies are replicating similar styles. maybe somewhere like: or would be great places to check :) hope that helps, Martyn

  • Kira: January 02, 2017

    Dear sir/madam,

    I love the mirror! (rectangle with rounded corners) And lamp. Could you tell me where I can purchase it?

    Hope to hear from you!


  • Yasmin Chopin: November 14, 2016

    This is such a successful interior design, mainly due to the choice of materials used – very clever. Many lessons here for budding designers, and a good reminder to those of us who work with interiors every day… Keep it Simple.

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