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Martyn White

Posted on November 29 2016

Inject warmth and character into the home, making the most of the Winter season with Lombok's latest collection of designs. From tableware to festive decorations, it is time to get cosy.

As many of us start to decorate our homes for the Christmas season, less is more when it comes to creating an elegant and sophisticated finish, welcoming guests with a warm homely festive feel. It is time to brush aside the tinsel, glitter and garlands and invest in key accessories that can be dressed up and personalised to add a seasonal touch that can be adapted the year through. I speak with the team at Lombok to discover more about their Winter collection and why these pieces are the perfect choices if you are looking for designs to take you into the seasons ahead. 

Lombok seasonal cube style candleholders for the Christmas Season

Kotak Brass Candle Holders

Candles are not only a great way to add warmth to a room during the Winter months, they can be great accessories to decorate the home and customise throughout the year. The Kotak brass candleholders are the perfect seasonal choice, containing a glass display box below which is ideal for presenting beautiful treasures and decorations to compliment and move with the seasons. 

Artisan Sideboard 

Made from sustainable mango wood, it is not just the cooler months that will benefit from the warming hues of this beautiful wood. Sideboards are a great way to neatly hide away heavily used items such as dinnerware whilst providing a perfect space for an ever-changing seasonal display. 

Christmas decorating ideas from Lombok Winter range

Artisan Benches and Table

Continuing the Artisan style, this table and bench collection contains beautiful parquetry detailing with a subtle nod to the 30's / Art Deco era. The use of benches has become very popular in recent years, allowing for maximum adaptability in a multifunctional space. There is no time this is needed more than for the festive period with all the additional guests that you need to fit around the dining table for Christmas dinner.

Burik Hanging Tea Light Holders

These hanging tea light holders add the perfect warming touch to a home and save on space for rooms limited in size. Candlelight is a welcome sight when the long nights set in and you are looking to entertain guests in the comfort of your own home.

Lombok cracked gold texture candle holders for the Winter season

Antik Glass Votive Silver

Hand finished with incredible beauty, I could stare at these Antik glass votives for hours on end. As the light shines between the metallic layering of this holder, woodland images of tree trunks come to mind. Grouping with other sizes available in the range creates an alluring feature that can easily be accessorised as seen above with foliage or festive touches to adapt its presence. 

Christmas in the bedroom luxury decorative designs for the winter season from Lombok

Nya Mohair Throw

Whilst many decorate main living spaces in their home, others are often forgotten. Do not forget to dress areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms, it will amaze you just how much a small decorative touch or additional accessory such as a plush Wintery throw can make and it will save you having to invest in specialist bedding to complete the look.

Shanxi Antique Stool 

This gorgeous antique stool has all the character and charm needed for one space, making a beautiful addition to the home that can be moved around and used in a multitude of ways such as a small feature side table, accessories holder, plant stand or even a general stool.


Luxury contemporary Christmas decoration designs from Lombok

Christmas Decoration Collection

There is a slight industrial edge to this year's collection, with a design reference to the East in many of the wire structures on display. Brass has played a key part in many of this year's designs and we will see this taken into the new year, a great excuse to keep on using the ever popular Prisma pendant lantern designs and adapting their use as the seasons change. 

Lombok vintage style brass pendant lights with contemporary art deco detailing

Elixir Ceiling Pendants

The striking designs of the Elixir ceiling pendants create beautiful statement pieces, enhanced by using filament bulbs to add inviting atmospheric light that looks mesmerising as it is diffused between the corrugated glass. Lighting plays a key part in any interior design however, it becomes much more prominent during the darker months when we rely on the designs not only from an aesthetical point of view but from a practical also. 

Winter seasonal decoration for the home office by Lombok

Baya Desk and Coppen Chair

A popular style, fitting for the time of year is the vintage rustic style, exposing the quality of wood with the essence of handmade design to create some very individual pieces. The Koppen chair is a particular favourite, looking as if it is rich in history, being passed down through the generations. 

The subtle seasonal design is here to stay and the latest collection and designs from Lombok reaffirms just how important it is to focus on high-quality pieces that are built to last. With highly adaptable furniture designs, it is time to have a home that allows you to leave your mark and express your personality, one season at a time. 

Full collection details can be seen at Lombok's officia website and online store.



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