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Posted on 25 April 2016

Loaf is a brand that can make anyone smile from ear to ear, their approachable attitude and welcoming showrooms have created an entirely new concept to home shopping. Whilst many furniture brands are experimenting between online and physical stores, Loaf has managed to create a recipe for home shopping that is sure to make you return again and again. I had the great pleasure of visiting Loaf's most recent showroom, (or slowrooms as the Loafers like to call them) in Battersea to discover exactly what goes on behind those mesmerising blue bricks.

Loaf furniture showroom in Battersea Loaf Shack

Loaf showroom bedroom display

As you arrive in the area, there is no confusion as to where the Loaf Shack is. The iconic blue bricks and large signage have become a bit of a landmark for the area, injecting colour and fun into it's surroundings. From the moment you walk into this vast space, there is a very different feel to what most of us would usually expect. I instantly felt that I could make myself at home, walk around, sit on the sofas and beds, really interact with the designs without feeling that I was doing something wrong. It is this closeness and interaction that brings you close to Loaf's fantastic designs which makes you want to own them for yourselves. 

Loaf furniture fabric and upholstery selections

One of my favourite features from the visit was the fabric wall, exhibiting the colours and type of fabric that can be used on Loaf's upholstered furniture designs. There really is every shade and texture that you could possibly think of hanging on this wall and I could have spent hours looking at touching them all! If this was not enough, there is also a fabric sample table allowing you to take home swatches to help aid that very important upholstery selection decision.  

Loaf showroom Battersea, Loaf Shack services and showroom tour

blue and orange sofa contemporary designs from Loaf

Other features and services include Charlie's Churnery, an ice cream parlour for the big kids as well as the small, a Little Loafers corner to keep the children busy whist you get home decorating and furniture inspiration, a gallery display area nestled in the tunnels and even a quite area for the big kids (and people less enthused about furniture) to chill. There are not many showrooms out there that can offer this so it is no surprise to see so many happy family faces walk through the door at the Loafshack. 

Contemporary and rustic furniture designs from Loaf

All of Loaf's furniture is made by independent, family run businesses.  They do not re-sell or feature other brands furniture, they sell their own designs. Perfecting products and creating items that are designed for every day use, this is a furniture brand that can easily slot into your lifestyle. Something that appeals to me about this brand is that they are not trying to create or replicate the latest trends, they are trying to create items that the house proud people of the world want in both functionality and style. It is this passion for furniture and personal approach that gives me such an admiration for the company, other furniture brands take note! 

Rustic home inspiration and accessories from Loaf Battersea

With so much on offer, it would be impossible to fit it into one single post. If you would like to find out more about Loaf and their designs, click HERE to visit there official website. I will be back soon with more Loaf related updates. 

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