A Week On My Feet: Luxury Flooring

Posted on 23 August 2016

Inspired by the very beautiful and fascinating Instagram account: ‘I Have This Thing with Floors’, Luxury flooring have been running ‘A Week on My Feet’ campaign, giving me the opportunity to discover the beautiful floors and surfaces that I come into contact with on a daily bases. The week (well, nine days as I had so much fun!) was a fantastic experience, one that made me stop, think and appreciate my surroundings on a new level. Check out my images and discoveries below. 


I have this thing with floors beautiful Moooi printed rug

Spending my Saturday within the luxury surroundings of Harrods. This beautiful Moooi rug stopped me in my tracks and I had to take a picture. 


I have this thing with floors Tower Bridge glass floor experience

Sunday was spent discovering the touristy side of London, something that I have not done in many years. Visiting Tower Bridge, I had to get a photo of the recent glass floor installation. 


I have this things with Floors Zara concrete modern flooring

Monday was spent in the heart of London browsing shops ready for the Autumn season. I discovered the modern concrete floor in one of the stores and managed to capture a few seconds of it before people defended into shopping madness. 


I have this thing with Floors wooden flooring at the Plum and Spilt Milk

Tuesday was time to meet catch up with friends after a long day at one of my favourite bars, GNR in Kings Cross. I love this wooden flooring, it has so much character left by the many people that pass through every day. 


I have a thing about Floors grey carpet with tanned Paul Smith Shoes

Wednesday was a busy day at work but I set out with a positive mind ready to achieve my goals. This is the morning shot before I left home for the day. 


I have a thing with Floors Moooi hand woven rug

I passed the wonderful Moooi showroom in Central London on Thursday and just had to go in. After discovering so many designs in Harrods on Saturday, I come in contact with another fantastic design that I just had to take a photo with. 


I have a thing with floors regents park green grass

Friday was another day to catch up with a Friend in Regents Park before I made my way to the very beautiful Dorset Square hotel for the evening. I could not believe how well maintained the grass was in the park. 


I have a thing with floors polished granite floor at Firmdale Hotels

Saturday was my chance to enjoy the Dorset Square Hotel and capture some of the incredibly luxurious materials used around the hotel. My favourite had to be this gorgeous glossy granite used in the bathrooms. 


I have a thing with floors muddy field and feet

My final day was spend in the English countryside, escaping from the business of London. Seeing a patch of squelchy mud, I thought, what better way to enjoy the English countryside than getting stuck in with nature!

I have had so much fun completing this project, it is definitely something I would recommend everyone trying for a week. In the hustle and bustle of London life, it can be so easy to live the fast paced lifestyle and never stop to appreciate the city that you are living in. The project also highlights just how beautiful our surroundings can be and that this is something that should be inspiring us for our own homes. 

To find out more information, check out the Luxury Flooring official website. 

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