Posted on 22 March 2017

Whilst I regularly share impressive interior projects and bedroom designs that you would never want to leave, it is easy to forget that there is one item in particular that remains out of sight, yet has a massive impact on our daily lives. As I am sure you have already guessed, the item that I am talking about is the much loved mattress. In an average lifetime, many of us will spend roughly twenty six years fast asleep in our beds. With so much time taken up by sleeping, and it being hugely important for our health, selecting the perfect mattress should not be considered a luxury, it is a necessity for your wellbeing. 

Leesa Mattress construction

During the start of the year, I received my very first memory foam mattress. Being someone that has found the classic spring design incredibly uncomfortable for the majority of my life, I was intrigued as to how much difference a foam mattress could make and if it could be the route to a better and more comfortable nights sleep. Memory foam has become an increasingly popular choice over the last few years and after my first sleep on this new mattress, I can understand why. 

Leesa mattress design Leesa Mattress Texture material

Using multiple layers of foam, Leesa have managed to create a mattress that combines firm support with soft comfort. The bottom layer provides strength and durability to the overall design whilst the softer middle provides body contouring. The final foam layer is shaped in a way to allow for maximum air circulation, keeping sleepers cool whilst adding an addition layer of soft comfort for a rejuvenating night's sleep. 

Leesa luxury memory foam mattress

After a few months testing out the product, I can honestly say that my nights have never been so comfortable. The biggest sell for me has been the full and even surface support. On a standard spring mattress, I always found my nights interrupted by uneven springs, the inevitable dip that gradually forms in the centre of the bed and the odd noise of twanging metal as you turn over. Thankfully, these are now distant memories that I will never have to experience again. For those of you thinking about changing to a memory foam mattress, I would strongly advise trying one out for yourself. 

For further details on the brand, click to view the official Leesa website. 



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