Opihr Gin: The Anchient Spice Route

Posted on 12 March 2017

As many of you will already know, the popularity of gin over the past few years has been unstoppable.  In 2016 sales of the spirit passed £1 billion in a single year for the first time in history. This increase in demand has allowed companies to expand, new distilleries to open and with it, new flavours and styles for our taste buds to experience and fall in love with. With this said, I wanted to introduce you to my latest gin discovery, one that ticks all the boxes for a unique and exotic flavour to create an impressive gin and tonic. 

Opihr gin oriental spiced Opihr gin red spice Moroccan detailing

Inspired by the Orient and various countries along the Ancient Spice Route, Opihr takes us on a journey, sourcing the very best botanicals which help define the unique oriental spiced taste. Starting on a small island in Malaysia, botanicals have been carefully sourced talong the historical trade routes, before arriving in the UK to be distilled in the oldest distillery in England. The results, a warm tasting gin with a beautiful, peppery finish. Due to its stronger, distinct taste, Opihr is a rare gin that is able to compliment tonic water without being overtaken or weakened by it. 

Opihr oriental spiced gin Spiced gin and tonic by Opihr gin

To achieve this stand out flavour, the perfect combination of botanicals have had to be used, consisting of Cubeb pepper sourced from Malaysia, black pepper, cardamom and ginger from India, cumin from Turkey, coriander seed from Morocco, bitter oranges from Spain, Juniper from Italy and Angelica from Germany with the inclusion of grapefruit peel to perfect the taste. The combination of botanicals, branding and historical inspiration have created a gin that has gone from strength to strength in only a matter of years. With so much already achieved and a strong following of gin lovers, I believe that the ancient spice route is just one of many routes Opihr will be taking in the future. 

For a fascinating and detailed insight into the brand, its inspiration and development, click to view the official Ophir website. 




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