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Martyn White

Posted on June 19 2017

Having been on the top of my list for many years now, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to attend an RHS flower show. Seeing the wonderful images of incredible flower displays and creative garden designs, I could not wait to get stuck in and experience the show for myself. Hosted across the country in several iconic locations, I was delighted to be attending RHS Chatsworth, the very first flower show for Chatsworth House. What made the experience even more enjoyable was that it was with one of my all time favourite brands, Wedgwood. Unveiling its impressive debut show garden as part of a three year partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, Wedgwood embraced the British countryside with a very unique and elegant display for visitors to enjoy.  

RHS Chatsworth Wedgwood GardenChatsworth Flower Show Wedgwood garden pondBumble bee at the Wedgwood garden at RHS Chatsworth

Arriving at Chatsworth House, you could already see, feel and smell the blossoming plants on display within the grounds. Making our way directly to the Wedgwood show garden, it was fascinating to see just how different each display was to the next, lined with creative, eye catching sculptures and works of art for guests to appreciate, admire and enjoy. For its first year, Wedgwood teamed up with Sam Ovens, an award winning designer that has caught the attention of many with his contemporary, innovative and environmentally sustainable designs. 

Encapsulating the very best of the British countryside, the garden adds layers of colour and texture, creating individual experiences and unique views from different parts of the garden. Using classic British meadow flowers mixed with other unusual and, lesser known varieties, the show space feels classic with a contemporary twist.

Country path through garden Wedgwood RHS ChatsworthWedgwood garden at Chatsworth Flower ShowWedgwood country garden RHS Chatsworth

Neatly stacked stone blocks form a safe haven from the elements and a place to sit and relax whilst admiring the view of the garden and pond through an angular metal cutout in the wall. The combination of contrasting materials each add their own characterful layers to the space, enhancing the next. From the smooth poured concrete and cobblestone floors to the stacked masonry and black metal finishes, everything slots together and works perfectly, softened by nature and the elegant blossoms that surround. 

Upon leaving the garden, it was announced that Wedgwood and Sam Ovens had won the RHS gold award for their designs and we can understand why. It is almost impossible to think that only a few days prior to the event, this space was an empty grassland. The garden connects so well with its surroundings and feels as if it has been allowed to mature on its own accord. 

Wedgwood Jasperware garden and plant collectionWedgwood Jasperware garden collectionWedgwood tea collection Chatsworth House

It would not be a true Wedgwood experience without a sip of tea and a selection of delicious cakes to enjoy. Luckily, Wedgwood built their tea conservatory adjacent to the garden for guests to enjoy after a stroll around the grounds. Showcasing the Wonderlust collection, the latest additions to the brand are an eclectic mix of teaware, gifts and tea blends, all available in a vivid collection of colours, inspired by the wonders of traveling from Europe through to Asia. 

For further details on RHS Chatsworth or any of their other flower shows, click to view the official website. Details on the Wonderlust collection and other new additions to the range can be found on the Wedgwood website via the link.


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