Marrakech: Dar Jaguar II

Martyn White

Posted on November 29 2016

In the second part of my Dar Jaguar feature from my visit to Marrakech, I discover the unique and characterful designs of the suites available at the Riad.

With so much beauty and detail in one place, It was not possible to fit my entire stay at Dar Jaguar into one single post. In the second of my Marrakech series, I wanted to explore the hotel suites of this impressive riad, one of them being the almighty jewel in very characterful crown. Consisting of five suites, each space has been designed and decorated to exhibit a unique and personal character. Ranging in size, colour, style and ambience, there is a suite perfectly matched to everyones personality. 

The Royal Suite, The State of Grace, is the centrepiece and most extravagant room within the riad. With extra height ceilings, open fireplace and four poster bed, you can experience waking up in unforgettable style. Opening the arched double doors onto the Juliet balcony, the calming sounds of birds tweeting can be heard over the gentle trickles of the courtyard fountain. If the cool morning breeze and cloudless sky is not enough to excite the senses, pre breakfast pampering in the suite's large bathroom will definitely invigorate the soul. 

Jet black in colour with elegant gold and brass detailing, the Royal Suite's bathroom has an eccentric charm like nothing you have ever experienced. From the moment you walk into this space, your eyes are immediately attracted to the glimmering free standing bathtub, framed by two Syrian beaded wall lights and matching golden mirror. It is the lighting within this space that adds to the richness and glamour, casing enchanting shadows and patterns across the walls whilst adding a glistening sparkle to the brass and metalwork.  

Babylonian Vamp is the suite that I stayed in for the duration of my visit. A personal favourite of mine, due to its location, hidden out of the way on the first floor with direct access to the roof terrace. It's warming colours and luscious bathroom with extra large built in bath are the perfect features to welcome you and make you feel at peace during your stay. Small details such as the clusters of red roses, trinket boxes and mesmerising table lights add personal homely touches, often missing from even the grandest of hotels. 

Peridot's Powder Room is one of two suites located on the ground floor. Leading through an archway adorned by two impressive cedar wood doors, guests enter a elegant space, Inspired by the beautiful green gemstone. Accessories and personal touches have been displayed throughout, complimenting the the Georgian green of the room. The delicate tones continue into the washroom where guests are greeted by a monumental shower. Steps lead up to and through an archway supported by two Grecian columns, adding a sense of grandeur to your pampering routine.

The final two suites, Damascan Blush and Gossamer Wings were unfortunately unavailable to photograph during my visit. Both continue the style and grace seen from the suites featured above, one decorated in an exquisite cloudy blue and the other in the honeysuckle, damask colours of the desert. Combined, each space contributes a unique charm that builds on the persona of Dar Jaguar, creating a magical and enchanting experience inspired by the greatness of the city that surrounds it. 

Photography: Martyn White

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