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Bespoke Art Services Martyn White Designs

Sometimes you have an idea for the perfect piece of art for your home yet you just cannot find it anywhere. You may have an image that you want enlarging or converted it into an abstract piece as a focal point to a room or you may simply want an old photo digitised and enhanced to keep hold of a memory. I have several services and packages that I can offer for creating bespoke art. Check below for further details.

Bespoke Artwork Services from Martyn White Designs


Bespoke Digital Print 

  • Digital file - Bespoke design created to required specifications, presented in digital file format for personal use. 


Bespoke Print

  • Art Print -  Bespoke design created and printed to required specifications. maximum print dimensions are A0 size - 841mm x 1189mm (33.11" x 46.81")


Other Medium Art 

Bespoke artwork can be created in other mediums including drawing and paint. Due to limitations, artwork created in other mediums will need to be discussed and confirmed on a case by case basis. 


Digital Photograph Restoration 

  • Restoration - Digital restoration of aged, worn photographs presented as digital files.
  • Enhancement - The enhancement of digital and physical photographs.
  • Print - Files can be restored and professionally printed to required specifications. (original photo quality can limit print size)


If you would like to enquire about a service or project that you are looking to undertake, please feel free to get in touch using the contact detail form below. 




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