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Palm Springs interior design inspiration

 Palm Springs is the perfect interior design style for those looking for a little eclectic fun. The style is widely described as a white clean setting with vibrant pops of colour and an eclectic choice of characterful items. What I love about the Palm Springs style is that it allows you to mix and match, be daring and have a little fun at the same time. This style is all about showing exuberance and luxury and you will notice strong connections with the outdoors. If you have got the weather, you have to enjoy it!

Palm Springs Colour palette inspiration

My colour palette choices have all been selected from Little Greene. With such a beautiful and exotic range of quality matt emulsion colours, they were the fitting choice for creating a little Palm Springs luxury. I have selected the colour palette with the focus on the strongest colour Canton (far left) and the softest, Linen Wash (far right) with the colours between this acting as the perfect accents, particularly with soft furnishings, cushions and accessories. 

brass luxury side tables

Brass side tables appear to be a dominant feature in many Palm Springs designs. Slim and elegant tables with glass or marble tops look fantastic next to a simple structured sofa. All types of brass work whether it is polished, brushed or even antique, do not be afraid to mix and match, this style is all about multiple materials and textures. My favorite design has to be the Gillmore space with it's incredible white marble top, these two materials work perfectly together.

Palm springs interior design fabric

It would not be Palm Springs unless you had that famous palm print fabric! keeping with the eclectic layered theme, I have selected two printed fabrics that would work incredibly well in the cushions against the soft and simple tones of the sofas whilst I have added that iconic pop of colour through the use of rich teal velvet. To balance out the style keeping in with the clean surroundings, I have selected the Patina and Folia velvets to add some soft neutral tones. 

Palm Springs Style Sofa

As the design plays with a large amount of materials, textures and prints, it is best to keep some of the larger features in the room simple. In most examples of this incredible style, you will see that white or neutral structured sofas are used which acts as the perfect divide between patterns, usually separating the design of the rug to the prints on the cushions. A simple and large sofa is also a fantastic way to distance materials, for example if you were to use chrome on one piece of furniture and brass on the other as I have seen in a few designs. 

Feature chairs and accents Palm Springs interior design

Whilst the sofas act as the visual divide to the room, the feature chair is where you can get adventurous. The feature chair (or chairs depending on the size of your space) can be anything from an arm chair to an ottoman, pouf or foot stool. My favorite style is the velvet pleated ottoman featured above, full of character whilst complementing the surroundings with my choice of teal velvet feature upholstery. 

Palm Spring material inspiration create the palm springs look

The selection of materials is key to creating this design. Whilst you can mix and match to your heart's content, after all, that is the beauty of this style! I have selected five materials that I feel represent Palm Springs in all of its glory. Applying glass or white marble to table tops and surfaces adds that highly sort after luxury finish whilst chrome and brass are the perfect additions to furniture frames and light fixtures. Finally, white wood is the perfect supporting finish to keep things light, bright and clear, whilst also acting as a visual divide to add distance between characterful materials. 

Palm Springs interior design lighting inspiration

Lighting is incredibly importanmany designs. Lighting does not only allow us to see in the dark. It can set moods, enhance spaces and even take on sculptural forms to create works of art. As previously t within an interior space, though is often an after thought in mentioned, Palm Springs is all about luxury and glamour and lighting is a very easy way too add opulence and style to a room. A top choice of floor lamps is the iconic arc lamp with fabric shade whilst ceiling pendants range in styles and sizes, anything from a single detailed pendant to a suspended work of lighting art. 

Palm Springs Home Decorating inspiration

Palm Springs mood board inspiration. All images discovered from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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